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Can any of elected politicians at local and national level be honest? Can any of them stand up and stop being spineless, cowardly and too quiet? It appears not so. Well, here are some core truths that few have the character or courage to fully state. We all know that the attack that Hamas did when it sent its armed murderers into Israel, was completely wrong. A mass slaughter of innocents, men, women and even babies, occurred. It was plainly wrong.
Now, let’s be very clear here from the very start. The agenda of Hamas – and Iran that backs it, along with the Hezbollah – is to wipe Israel off the world maps. It’s not about the people being of Jewish religion. It’s not just about invaded land. Hamas/Iran wants Israel wiped out of existence. That’s core it. Proper research will prove this.
What Hamas did, was well planned. Years of research and training had been done. They knew exactly what the reaction of Israel would be. They have spent years building their professional made tunnels (up to 1,000 of them). They have for many years, built up their mass stocks of weaponry for a fateful day, quietly planned for. They knew how Israel and yes, the USA, would then react – and they have planned for this too. Israel, with USA backing, has indeed reacted – as Hamas expected.
Subsequently, there has been Israeli cries of “Vengeance”. Let’s be really honest. How would we also react to mass killings of our own people? Be honest with yourself.
So, “vengeance” is now being tried to be dished out by the Israel government and its military IDF. We can understand the emotional seeking of vengeance. At some point however, we must also ask “When does a nation’s vengeance end? When is actual “Justice” sought and applied, instead?
Israel would be 100% right to seek justice. Anyone that says different, is inhuman, excuse spinning or just plain stupid. Innocent people in Israel were wrongly killed. Innocents were mass murdered. No “ifs” or “buts”. There is a thing that also exists alongside the seeking of “Justice” (not vengeance) and that thing is called “Proportionate Response”. A general definition of “Proportionate Response” is that of a reactionary response – that suffices to prevent further attacks and seeks to hold to account those that are directly responsible for the primary questionable, likely very wrong prior action.
What the Israel government, care of its IDF, is doing right now, is not a “Proportionate Response”. It’s “collective punishment” being rained down in the form of mass numbers of bombs on other innocent people – this time in Gaza.
Let us be clear. Israel in most people’s eyes, would be absolutely justified in seeking justice against murderous Hamas scum. Israel however, in its current action of ‘Lets bomb the crap out of Gaza’ is not a “Proportionate Response” and in fact, is highly likely a further war crime. One more to add to already made ones in the last month by the Israeli government and its own IDF, well-armed soldiers.
Let’s be further clear. There are cries now from further stupid people, saying that a “Pause” or “temporary cease-fire” would only suit Hamas – so they could then further get more weapons, etc. This is pure stupidity. Anyone with half a brain knows that Gaza is locked up tighter by wall, wire fence and even by sea, care of the Israel IDF and even USA forces and equipment by sea. There is bugger-all going in and out without permissions, negotiations and mass security checks. We all know this.
Hamas have being preparing for years. They don’t need to import any more of their weaponry crap. They are well stocked already. We know this. The world media know this. Israel and other governments know this. So, who the feck are our stupid politicians only trying to PR kid? Yes, you, the mass public.
To conclude. Hamas, the murderers, deserve to be held to account. No question. They do. Israel however, by over-reacting, by applying a “collective punishment” upon furthermore innocent people, are certainly not carrying out a proper “Proportionate Response”, but by eventual falling domino effect that we can all see will occur, are further creating more reasons for others, in the future to later come back and seek vengeance for the killing of their innocent own. In short – the whole on-going 75 year existing mess, will continue for more years to come as vengeance is sought back, tit for tat.
Israel was right to go after murderers – but how it’s done so, is very wrong. Israel is further sowing the seeds for future attacks against themselves, once again. We all can see this. It’s not rocket science – but it will be further missiles likely going back and forward once again! All this crap has to stop. End of story.
“Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it”.

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Last Week Of November 2022

So proud of my wife Joanne (on far right in picture). She was part of a group led by the fantastic Peter James Nugent (a genuine lovely person, far left in picture), who were nominated for an award in respect of their outstanding voluntary work for SoSad, LGBTQ and other issues at Louth local level. They didn't win - but the positive results they gain through the work itself, was all the reward they ever truly seek. I'm glad all in attendance were made feel special on the night.
Well done to all who do similar across Ireland. Volunteers who freely give up their own time for the sake of others, I consider to be some of Ireland's greatest assets. Respect!
Sat 18th



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