Charley Lacey (a good Facebook friend) rightly pondered on why people are still voting for Fine Gael! My reply to him in a post, was as follows below;
1. Brainwashing.
2. Parochial thinking.
3. Family tradition.
4. Family/friend connection.
5. Business connection/reason.
6. Effective scare tactics.
7. Laziness of people to better examine matters.
8. Unwillingness to accept core truths.
9. “I’m alright jack!” mentality.
10. Stupidity.
I did leave out one important factor (or two?)
…RTE and print media.
There is always going to be biased private operating outlets. That’s life – and that’s their owner’s right to some extent, while they double standard claim to be “independent” and “non-biased”.
However, as long as biased media outlets continue to only hell half truths, none at all or worse, deliberately lie, distract and PR spin, people will remain more brainwashed. Thus they will continue to vote for those that the main media outlets are more pushing.
Our media laws need to be strengthen. Outlets should be made tell greater full truth. Canada – while not perfect – has such laws in place. Fox News for example, cannot operate there as they refuse to abide by Canadian laws that state news and political programs must be far more accurate and there is greater accountability when they don’t.
So, as long as we continue to have still poor (kept conveniently that way) laws that allow RTE alone, to do what they do on a regular basis, a certain percentage of the population will always remain more brainwashed.