A Way Forward

The Tasks Ahead Are Mountains To Climb.

The list below are just some of my proposed starting points. There are more. They are what I would consider a fresg place to again begin creating a better Ireland. They are ideas that need work - without a doubt - but we have to start somewhere. It's #TimeForBetter 

ONE: Elected Payments

Of all the people that I have spoken to over years, two serious economic crashes and through equal better times, not one of the hundreds of thousands I have met in al corners of Ireland, has ever said our TD's are (a) not paid enough or (b) they deserve the crazy high wages they elite gain!

I would like to see an end the mega payments to all elected. This involves a complete review regarding perks, multiple pensions and the many forms of payments some are openly abusing for greater personal profit.

Call me idealistic but I firmly believe that politics should be a vocation, seen and treated as a vocation, not as some have it, just a career based on gaining personal wealth while treated like royalty.

I believe that Senator and TD pensions would begin at the SAME age as every other citizen gaining a state pension. No if's - no buts - no excuses.

If the honest and decent have good intentions, they will no objection to gaining a decent wage comparable to the vast majority of their fellow common citizens, and not of a further greedy, pocket lining elite who self-adopt air and graces while then looking down their noses at the rest of us.

I have no problem stating I would only take a lower wage if elected, that rates alongside the majority of Ireland citizens. Anything above and beyond would be returned to the state. Again, no ifs, no buts, no wavering.

Delusions of grandeur seems to be attached, in part, to the greed of some elected. They are fundamentally forgetting that they are supposed to be working for the people - not the people working for them!

TWO: Accountability

Our country need greater accountability to occur. This needs to happen not just on our streets, through our courts when applied to ordinary people but clearly, examining the antics of elected and many department top officials, accountability needs to be further extended.

Work contracts to be more specific in detail as defined roles and expected managerial results. When either fail, there has be far better consequences - that happen quicker too!

Currently, drawn up work contracts given to high department officials and semi-state company directors (or similar) hired, are repeatedly badly defined in specific job roll or scope. There are sometimes lots of detail regarding how they might gain greater financial rewards, the longer they holds a their position but clarity of what happens wheh they equally fail to perform or fail repretedly, are not being better contract formed before any signing.

We need to better recognise this. In fact, some do - including past and current elected - but they also then fail to do what needs to be clearly done. Why? In order to cover their own later backsides, do a friend or family connection a favour? "Jobs for the boys", cronyism or nepotism also being factor? Yes.

Our state employment contracts for upper management must be better constructed with far greater detail inserted regarding responsibilities, task targets expected, penalties of failure and greater accountability.


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