I have to ask a question and I apologise if my asking does even offend! Just how stupid are you? I ask because clearly some in the current 2020 formed government think you must be stupid. They are (again) certainly treating you as stupid.

Latest example is Mr Martin saying that Fianna Fail have only been in government with Fine Gael for 15 months – and he wants you to totally accept this as 100% accurate.

You and I know that in the previous government of Fine Gael, that party entered into a “Confidence and Supply Agreement” with Fianna Fail. What does such an  agreement generally consist of?

It usually means that:
(a) both parties will support each other as at least one is the face of a government.
(b) It usually means that both parties will stand by the actions of their fellow party in what they do – even if they do so reluctantly and disagree with some of their agenda.
(c) It usually means that Fianna Fail will vote to keep a member of Fine Gael in office even when they have been found to be breaking laws, acting disreputable in office and even making a complete mess of running their department.
(d) It usually means that Fianna Fail will support Fine Gael budget measures – where previously they might have opposed them as true opposition.
(d) It usually means that for their support, they too get some of their agenda stuck into government daily or weekly initiatives. On other words, they get a government say how things and what things, are to be done.

That’s Fianna Fail during their last term of office, joining up with Fine Gael as both parties decided to direct how the country was managed by a government. If any of the above sounds familiar to you as Fianna Fail does the same again with Fine Gael, while running/ruining the country – you would not be on your own in such thinking.

Yet, for all this, Michael Martin absolutely insists that he and his party was not part of the past government. Really Mr Martin? Just how stupid so you really think we all are?

Mr Martin and his party can play verbal gymnastics, word play or any other way of spinning things – but once thing is for sure. Absolutely bugger all has really – fundamentally – has changed between the last joining up with Fine Gael, and the present joining up with Fine Gael.

Let stop kidding ourselves. Why don’t ye just amalgamate parties as there’s now in the eyes of many public, bugger all difference between your two parties.

Seeing Same.

  1. Both parties support the EU army setup that’s now costing the Ireland taxpayer €33.5 Billion annually. #RTEcensored of course.
  2. Both parties continue to support the human rights breaking, Social Welfare department #JobPath (and similar) pressganging of people towards private companies, so individual can be exploited for corporate massive profit.
  3. Both parties continue to bury reports of inadequacy and abuses.
  4. Both parties continue to support the TTIP/CETA agenda – the privatisation of state services, exploitation of state resources and minerals – along with the further setting up of a private court system that will be outside the remit of standard legal practices and even our Oireachtas houses!
  5. Both parties pursue many similar right-wing agendas that are being repeatedly imposed to replicated public punishing cost.

It’s easy to go on. The two parties are now regarded by many as two cheeks of the same backside. A backside I might add, that at the next general election, everyone knows might get ‘a good kicking’ by a voting public.

To conclude, please don’t treat us all as being completely stupid – because:

  1. It don’t wash with many what you are attempting to try on and
  2. It just further exposes you all further, as ye carry out easily spotted, easy recognised inaccurate PR spin and questionable stunts that a growing wide-eyed public are able to more see through with every day that passes.
  3. Such attempts are an insult to our intelligence. Yes – some of us do some some.

In short, treating us as stupid just won’t win you more votes with many. Instead, it could help you lose more!