In the last year and since they first took power in January 2020, the Dail government mafia have spent most of their time in the actual Dail, dodging simple “Yes” or “No” answers than any previous government to date, within a same time period.

They have become so good at it, it’s become a sick normal.

Now, let’s be honest. Sometimes some questions cannot be answered with a simple “Yes” or “No”. Truth. However, if you were to ask them a simple question at times – which TD’s often did on a daily basis – instead of even explaining why a simple Yes/No answer couldn’t be given or further explain relevant details, the tact of the ministers was to either (a) total avoid the question put completely and go off about something else or (b) just insult the questioner. Often the ministers would do both.

Our male Cheann Comhairle has proved them self absolutely useless in demanding questions be answered correctly while also often conveniently turning a blind eye to government minister thrown insults.

Again, more truth. This situation is not likely to change. What is changing however, is the amount of public awareness to their poor Dail antics. If the government of the day want to win back voters – and they desperately do – they need to stop being stupid, stop ducking questions, stop insulting questioners (yes, through gritted teeth if necessary) and frankly, start being honest.

Yes, I do realise that the last aspect would take a miracle.

This coming year will see many open and covert attempts to win back the public towards government favour. They can try outside the Dail and they will. However, even before they even try that, they need to firstly clean up their act within the Dail.

If they cannot do that – and coming Dail dates will expose this repeatedly – then the public will further more make up their own minds for the future of Irish parties. FF/FG/Greens need to heed the maxim “You reap from what you sow”. They think they are untouchable now – but even the Roman empire collapsed along with others. History will continue to teach lessons to those willing to learn. Lesson learned, they should do better.

I speak simple truth.