I seen a post this morning from another person who founded a more extreme political party. Their post went on about how Ireland was supposedly it’s own colony and espoused that it should be protected from outsiders coming in.

Can we be very real here? Unless we shut the airports, total close our borders, close our ports and turn ourselves into an Irish version of North Korea, walled off from the rest of the world, all of which I am NOT advocating, there is absolutely no way that we can stop people coming and going from our small island.

We live in 2021 and this means that modes of transport, improving people’s methods of moving around the world, have only increased in variation and speed. Trying to stop all people from coming and yes – going – is like trying to hold back a sea tide. Near impossible.

As we have people coming and staying within our country, they come from their own original various places with their own traditions. Their and ours, over time become integrated. Many of us with an open mind, learn of their ways and those that stay with us, oft-times learn of ours. Some might not adhere to them but they do learn of them – just as we learn of others ways and like/dislike them. That’s the 2021 world we live in right now.

To the racists that have ‘chips on their shoulders’ about people coming to our island, one should ask just how bad is their own memory!

Ireland people for centauries have left our island and went to others, to aid the building of those distant countries, work in them or contribute in some way to those external countries economy, history and way of life. Those foreigne countries that took in Ireland people, did so and by vast majority, got on with life alongside the new incomers.

As the saying goes “Eaten bread is soon forgotten” – and racists in Ireland clearly don’t want to remember – or will come up with some crap political spin to espouse “Aaa… Well, our situation is different!

No. It’s fundamentally not. 

If the racists of Ireland wish to bang on about Ireland losing it’s individual natural identity as more people come and stay within our borders, how about those racists instead of being vile, greater support Irish sports and their advancement? How about the racists of Ireland further support efforts to spread our Irish language, our more Ireland born (or advanced/tweaked) skills? How about the racists put more effort into greater recording our local/national history and place in the world while peacefully educating newcomer even more to what make’s any person – regardless of colour/religion/sexuality, etc – to be seen as “Irish” in their ways eventually?

No. The racists of the world would rather divide and try conquer than advance in progression, better educate, better maintain the social and often humours, more light-hearted aspects of Ireland society that others around the world have long loved – and continue to love!

Finally, two important points.

ONE: We that live in the island of Ireland, should take it as a compliment that others actually want to come and live here. Yes, there are issues to be addressed – and yes, addressed far better – but it’s still a compliment that many people want to come here than go to some other worse god forsaken place where there is greater oppression, violence, less ability to speak one’s mind and even lesser ability to excert control over ones life in many ways!

Two: Where did Irish DNA originate?
* “We see relatively high percentages of the Irish genome have Norwegian ancestry and specifically from Norwegian coastal areas. We already knew the history of this, but this is now objective scientific fact that there is Viking DNA in Ireland.LINK
* Where did “Irish People” originally come from? Yes – FROM OTHER COUNTRIES! Here are just 6 of them: LINK

So I say “What makes people Irish?” Once others actually got here previously, they became “Irish” by the way they and we now speak, live, act, train ourselves, play our music, build and much, much more as a growing island society.

It’s sure as hell is not in the way we just erect mental walls and sadly listen to other fools who just want us all to grow more xenophobic towards others. Others with dreams and desires, who are only seeing our country during their very own tough times – and thinking “I wish we could go there and be a part of that!

….Many “Irish people” eventually in turn, in tough times, have thought similar themselves previously – before they moved to America, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Africa, China, South America and much, much more…

How soon and too quick, are the racists of Ireland be only too willing to forget!
How quick are they willing to overlook what really makes a person “Irish” – be that person be home or indeed, away! When their racist narrative doesn’t match with independent verifiable facts, they are all too willing to ignore or stay silent on same facts!

I’m proud to be considered Irish, what it really means to be “Irish”. I welcome decent caring people beyond borders of land and closed minds, all wishing to become Irish too.

Come in and have a cup of tea with me. Welcome.