The FFG government created housing problem is not just losing Irelands youth as they consider more emigrating, it’s further losing the nation jobs, company ability to invest, grow or initial start-up. There is a correlating domino effect continuing within Ireland due to the consistent failings of Fine Gael and Fianna Fail.
Core recognised facts. When an international company looks to setup elsewhere, it takes many factors into account.
* Building costs.
* National wage rates.
* Availability of appropriate skilled staff.
* Availability of housing for needed staff.
* Road, rail and air infrastructure.
Plus other factors.
Core truths and points. Short version.
* Across the EU building costs are high – so no matter where many go, they will be financially hit.
* EU wage rates vary but factoring a person’s cosy of living, in Ireland’s case, puts us lower down rankings.
* Skilled staff are very limited available. Many leave Ireland with their skills. Those that stay, are in no hurry to move from more stable looking, longer established positions. In Ireland’s case, even a lack of non-skilled numbers has reached a crises point.
* There’s no point in setting up a business or factory if in the same area, there’s nowhere for sought staff to live. Add to this, poor transport issues – especially the more west or south you go, matters get worse.
Again, in short, international businesses won’t setup or grow in any area where there’s lack of numbers – be it in staff availability, housing supply or methods of getting to and fro. If these factors are not more positive, then unemployed are more not going to apply for jobs in some location they will see, it will be hard to even get to, exist at with a decent quality of life or even find a costly roof for over their heads. Those looking to setup/ramp-up production facilities will be aware that unemployed will consider these factors too before then deciding to job apply or not. If these aspects positive exist, employers will move on to other areas and countries.
Housing is important to put a roof over people’s heads – but it’s also important for more attracting further people and jobs, to an area. Mainly relying on just private builds to solve a mega housing crises, just doesn’t work say more. The FFG continues this stupid, short-sighted agenda.