So, as expected TD Niall Collins will get away with his own antics. No shocker there, to be honest. He turned up at the Dail, read a statement that in fact, did NOT answer all questions asked or even the majority of them. In the Dail itself, to date (March 3rd, 2023) none were actually allowed to be asked to him! His party and enabling others, made sure they had his back, in order to save their own backside in government.

  • History will record him as historically answering bugger all, still outstanding questions.
  • History will record that his political party once again remained absolutely incompetent and worse, unwilling to do proper accountability.
  • History will record that Fine Gael and the Green Party let unaccountability rein again, in order yo save their own political governance backside.
  • History will record all three parties and its individual members as hypocrites while for PR and vote reasons, always call for justice elsewhere – while again turning a blind eye to proper justice being carried out because one of their own was once again exposed for flouting laws and rules others are told to obey.
  • History will record that the Green Party once again sat on their arse, not living up to their election words about overseeing the other two parties in government and their elected. Another Green Party u-turn. What’s new!

“Old politics” is alive and screaming.


As we see with too many TD’s, the tricks used to get around council rules regarding obtaining permissions, are well known in a lot of circles.
  • Using others names.
  • Using your own name spelled differently.
  • Using a co-operating mate/partner name.
  • Using your/their name in Irish.
  • Lie about owning property.
  • Walk a thin line between full truth and full lie. Short on full facts.
  • Place a notice advert buried in a paper on a day that’s bound to be jam packed with other stuff – so easier missed.
  • Put the advert in the least read local publication.
  • Put the notice advert in a local paper – just not the one where it’s nearer supposed to go!
  • Put the notice advert in Irish – so many skip over it.
  • Lie about living location.
  • Lie/hide about partner’s assets.
  • Do some or ALL of the above – at the same time.
When all else fails, grease the palms of someone or lean on others (at local level) using power or political influence through proxies or other local party branch members. Hint “You look after me, I’ve got your back later.” The list goes on. The list is long well known. Many tricks of the past, still continue to happen. Some have been tightened up – but let’s not kid ourselves, when TD’s are reluctantly made to improve rules due to public pressure, (a) they do so with enough wriggle room left within new legislation or (b) simply don’t address all the issues – while PR on radio and TV that the latest Act changes, are the best yet! In short, it’s still “old politics” alive and kicking. It will continue to kick for two reasons.
  1. Because enough brainwashed will continue to vote back to office, the dodgy characters involved and
  2. Media alike RTE news and radio shows in the morning between 7 and 9, don’t disclose the full extent of their antics to a nation – who in turn, not being fully informed, continue to support the corrupt.
The conclusion is obvious to the non-brainwashed. We must stop being stupid by voting back those that are betraying their office and stop supporting or voting back their enablers. Until we do this to begin with, the “old politics” crap will continue. Anyone that thinks different, has their head up their backside. One person’s opinion. Mine.
I will say it yet again. It’s time for better. Our country and children need it badly. People must stop enabling the three parties and their representatives at all levels, by giving them a vote. To do so, is a form of of self inflicted sadism. The result is only more pain. Next local and general elections, vote better. Vote for alternatives. Send a message that you have had enough. Your children’s future is only relying on you and the decisions you make!



Fianna Fáil minister of state Niall Collins lied about homeownership on planning application: LINK

Company that didn’t exist supported Niall Collins’s home planning application: LINK

Niall Collins’s marriage certificate shows he didn’t live in his parents’ house – like he claimed: LINK