December 30th, 2021, someone said to me “What’s the point of getting worked up about things, these days. The little guy can change nothing!

I knew the person was so short-sighted that I didn’t try mention such names as Ghandi, Rosa Parks, Niels Bohlin (inventor of the Three-Point Seatbelt), Lt. Col. Stanislav Petrov (he personally only prevented a nuclear war), Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Galileo, etc, and people more close to home such as Ken Smollen, Vicky Phelan, Michael Collins, Catherine Coreless, etc. Great people making differences.

Had I mentioned any or all of their names, I knew I would be talking to brick wall! Truth.

I do get worked up at times about things. More truth. However, also at core truth, I also go on about things for two starter fundamental reasons.

1. I hate to see history that can be verified as accurate, rewrote into misdirection or blatant falsehoods, by those with genuine malicious intentions.

2. I go on about matters so to further public knowledge and awareness for I do believe knowledge is power. I hope with better knowledge, a percentage will then act or speak up.

I’m most certainly not in the league of any of the prestigious names, paragraphed above. I am just one more person like many, seeking a better country and world, by trying to highlight matters that then must be addressed.

A person can get worked up about something. It’s often justified. However, what they say or do after that, is what’s more important.

So, I say it is important that people get worked up sometimes – otherwise nothing will ever change. History can still teach us important lessons in that regard – if we are willing to learn…