Current newspapers, radio shows and politicians, are heaping blame for an increase of political toxicity existing, on the very exitance of social media. The existence of social media, alongside non-professional supervision of it however, is not entirely to blame at all. Lets be more honest. If politicians were not letting people down, there would be far less to give out about them. If department heads and private companies were not letting people down or equally stabbing people in the back, there would be far less to give out about them.

Look at it another way. The ‘gun-nuts’ of America says that the cause of mass shootings and daily murders, is down to poor mental health, it’s the fault of someone else, it’s the fault of bad laws, etc. You get the picture. What the ‘gun-nuts’ refuse to accept is that a root cause of murders and mass killings, is the actual exitance of the very weapons themselves and ability to access them. Instead, the ‘gun-nuts’ blame everything and anything else – while refusing to look at a fundamental core issue.

Back to Ireland…

Yes, no question, bad aspects of social media allows the knuckle-draggers of Ireland, who behave non-professionally, to voice their often wild and absurd threats to an even wider audience. In turn, more foolish people, incapable of critical thinking or proper time awarded analysis, rush to gullible swallow their crap. They refuse to accept what are often more complex answers to ongoing issues. It’s easier and lazier to swallow garbage from racists and idiots.

Fundamentally however, if Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and the Green party did better, there would be far less to actually rage about on social media. If the four parties were not involved in
1. neutrality, traitor style antics, besides additional cronyism, nepotism and personal financial greed
2. if they were not backstabbing Mother and Baby Home victims,
3. if they were not hiding important info from cancer victims,
4. if they were not dumping crap referendums on people so they can escape responsibilities,
5. if they cared more for the more long-term homeless,
6. If they were were not backstabbing fishing and farming communities,
7. If they were not repeatedly fudging numbers in reports.
8. If they were not trying to more impose further open and stealth taxes,
9. if they were willing to better hold bad elected to better account and not protect or reward sexual assaulters and confidential document leakers (and more besides),
10. if they were willing to better address our health care system- instead of letting it fall so bad that they could then claim, even more privatisation of it would be better for Ireland…
If elected were far more addressing fundamental issues and street conversing with the public, rather than hiding away from door steps, high streets, etc, before they embark on their next taxpayer paid junket, then the people of Ireland might have far less to give out about them. Social media is partly to blame for political toxicity, but let’s not kid ourselves. If their fundamental crap didn’t exist in the first place, many wouldn’t be raging about it all on social media or anywhere else either! Elected however, are once again blaming everything else and everyone else – except being willing to look in a mirror to see a root cause of toxicity caused. Their core enablers (party mates) of them, are not helping either.

Social media bears some responsibility but at core, the fault lies with bad representation and even worse acts/non-acts of elected duty. The growth of political toxicity comes from a ground root – but once again, bad elected refuse to see this or acknowledge it. It don’t suit their PR spinning narrative.
P.S. Yes, I could easily keep going about all the crap that they have been up to – that further party enablers too quiet stand by – and what many still up to, in the list above.