I’ve mentioned in previous posts about the new tax going to be government imposed on Netflix/Prime/Amazon net services. In short, a form of internet tax. The fact that in paying for such services already, you already pay a tax on that purchase, has gone over a lot of heads.

Soon, thanks once again to Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Green Party, you will be paying a double tax for a single item – just like your water again soon (“excess” charges). Great stuff. Don’t forget to vote for their chancers at the next local and general elections who also stand quietly by this crap…

I digress.

Back on point. The incoming “Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill” is the legislation vehicle through which this next tax will be imposed. Many people will read this – but not really think about the methodology of this.

The bill is being introduced as a further way for some – not all – never all with FF/FG – to give a lucky few (probably elected) to try combat online resistance to their antics. Now, officially the Bill is a sold as a positive step forward and if it does help do anything against anon’ lying gobschites on the internet – like on boards dot ie (owned by a property business, you are not meant to cop this) – and Twitter that are infested with FF/FG trolls – then this is most certainly welcome.

That said, the Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill” is also a perfect example of FF/FG legislative underhand, distraction antics – but you’re not meant to fully cop this.

Here how their (constant) antics work.
1. Create a bill that might be hard to argue with.
2. Create a debate about the principle subject of the Bill.
3. Use that discussion to gain great publicity on the topic.
4. Try gain the praise of those that see the parties doing this.
5. While the praising public are deliberately distracted by the positive aspects of the Bill, quietly add on the negative aspects of the bill with much less discussion and PR hyping.

The “Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill” does exactly this.

It gets better – or worse…

The Bill is all about online safety. That’s what the government would have you concentrated on. However, you are not supposed to fully cop that the new tax being quietly added onto the legislation, will have NOTHING to do with online safety. In fact, not one cent of the new tax will go towards creating better online safety for you or your family. The new tax will completely go instead, off into another direction. For “Film Production”. Yes… RTE? Their national media voice.

Let me be clear here. Fianna Fail and Fine Gael consistently create legislation that has a positive aspect (in order to public sell it and thus make it harder to oppose) and then add on a negative aspect – even if it means that one part has nothing really to do with the other – and if it barely does – the PR part of the Bill, will not gain from the negative part of the Bill.

This is what Fianna Fail and Fine Gael do. Said another way – distract you with one hand while sticking another financial ‘dagger’ in your back, more quietly with their other hand.

Again, it gets better – or worse…

A lot of their legislations PR publicised, operates like this.
* The Mica refund legislation? Quietly, it actually leaves out many victims so the government doesn’t have to pay for their past deliberate legislative antics than then led to thousands of homes ruined.
* The Mother Baby Homes related legislation? Deliberately leaves out redress for many victims – so the government doesn’t have to pay them either.
* The recent legislation to try stop land and property vultures? The legislation deliberately allows the same shower to still mega grab apartments and other related properties. More so!
* The recent drinks hike legislation that is supposed to be about aiding drink issues? Not one cent of the imposed tax, will actually go towards further addressing drink issues. Not one cent. The businesses initially gain but the government eventually profits.
* The incoming legislation regarding illegal adopted babies and access to their birth certs? Eight UN bodies have already raised serious concerns around the legislation as its “failed to ensure and effectively vindicate rights of access to records and personal data”.

It does not provide a right for mothers to receive their full records, and there is no provision in the draft legislation to ensure the right of relatives of those who died in institutional custody to obtain full records about their disappeared relatives. In fact, 80 legal changes have been called for, to make it actually fair.

All this has been #RTEcensored. No surprise there at all. They are again too busy currently selling the government latest lines.

In summary, Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are capable of creating distraction Bills that come with a further public punishment- but incapable of creating Bills that are actually fair to all involved.

This is what they do and actually, don’t do.

It’s about time more people copped this on and then stopped voting for their local and national charlatans that are standing by all this constant crap. Truth.