Just going by their own antics and also inactions, we learn that the government is screwing us all to the tune of €300+ MILLION a month in taxes just from fuel alone – never mind the other many taxes they invent and/or raise.
* The government intents to once again ignore our constitution so it will further try to pressgang the nation into #NATO.
* The government is making laws so that its own political parties can further hold gambling rackets to see itself personally profit – while advising people same time, to cut down on gambling.
* The government once again will vote on matters that open creates another immoral conflict of interest. One that of course, sees them personally party profit. If the party profits and that money is used to get them elected, yahoo… They then again personally mega profit again. Join the dots – see the bigger picture they don’t want you to see.
* The government is to further leave the public screwed with their next budget by not making it a “cost of living” emergency budget. A budget that EU heads will get to read about, to gain their ok of approval before our own elected even gets to see it.
* Our government will allow semi-state-owned setups and landlord vultures to further screw the public unabated – while the government made up of profiting landlords looks the other way, again refusing to act in the interests of the people.
Yes, you, the brainwashed of Ireland.
1. Keep voting for the Fianna Fail and Fine Gael greedy devious and
2. Keep swallowing their PR crap that it’s others you should be afraid of.
Yes, that’s how stupid they really think you are and again, decide to treat you as. Will you roll over, stay completely complacent and remain treated like this? There’s a good little boy/girl…
Your immoral, corrupt government thanks you.