Some good Lord somewhere, might have to perform a miracle or two, to help save the next government. Why? Because the present one pacing public poll disaster and thus a future general election crises, has decided to go for broke!

The current Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Green party Government will today, unveil its Budget for 2022 later. It will be a package that will amount to €4.7 billion euro. Not small change (but still smaller than the €13+ Billion Euro Apple in Ireland has been allowed to escape paying dues on – but that’s #RTEcensored.)

The budget today is considered by many, to be one whopping attempt by the current government, to bribe a nation of people. There’s going to be money for many, it seems. Looks can be deceiving – but we will get to that.

Bills And More Bills.

What is already certain, is that the next government will face massive huge bills that will be asked by others, to be covered one way or another. This will involve:
* HSE direct health related bills.
* The mega cost of national structure bills. The many building structures that BAM is increasingly upping in bottomless pit costs, through terrible created contracts between state and private business.
* The cost covering of the Covid situation.
* The cost covering of the money giveaways regarding social welfare and those in growing desperate need of it. The costs of mega TD/senator wages and perks (and multi-pensions in some cases).
* The RTE media buried, state cost of funding an EU army setup, hidden under the PR name of PESCO. €3.5+ Billion a year.
* The cost covering of the state propaganda arm itself – RTE. Most up to date numbers being #Redacted #RTEcensored. This doesn’t includes the tax dodging rackets of many top salaried ‘stars’ that have now called themselves an “agency“. Saying they are “self-employed” (they employing themselves, yes, it’s that crazy)  and thus gaining further tax benefits on the quiet. Yes, all this is #RTEcensored too.
* And much more…

All parties know that all this is heading their way, should they future get into government. However, for most of them, they are ‘kicking that can’ to be dealt with, down a timeline road for others to later deal with. It’s what they traditionally do with matters they don’t want to deal with, themselves. “Let someone else take on that headache!


Facing disaster as a possible shock general election might occur in the next year (for various reasons), the present government parties have flip-flopped on a long standing previous stated agenda (especially Fine Gael) of trying to rein things in. Fearing local or general election destruction, they have decided to more spend and giveaway now, in hope of claiming back some of the public’s support.

Let’s here be honest. This open attempt to buy votes will work to some extent. Add into this mixture a bit of scare tactics “If you let the other guys in, you are in for it!” – then more support might be further regained by the current dying, out of date, traditional parties in government office!

However, another truth is that – if by some miracle Fianna Fail or Fine Gael is part of the next government – then that party too, will face a far bigger mountain of state debt and bills to be paid, than what already is outstanding – and they know it. No matter. They will deal (or not) with that matter later, is their thinking… Yes, more ‘kicking of cans’. It’s what they do…


The Next Government.

It’s increasingly highly likely that the next government will consist in big part, of being Sinn Fein content. All know the future bills of current spending and giveaways, that future government will have to try further reclaim revenue previously lost, one way or other. That leads to further tax/levy/charges, etc, being invented and/or increased. All parties know this.

The next government will face a further daunting debt task. It’s unavoidable but if  present party suspects that they might not be part of the next government, what have they got to worry about? They can later shoot from opposition benches about how a future government is imposing further revenue collecting methods – while they were in fact, partly responsible for the need to create those increasing revenue collection methods. The last part will be cleverly avoided, however, by current government parties who will be later on those opposition benches.

Put another way. Those currently making a mess of things or increasing bills, will later political shoot at others – as those others try to pay the bills and solve messes, of the others in a past government.
* If and when, a future government gets criticised for the their own efforts (manifesting in later lost votes of their own), then the old parties that help create a mess to be solved, in the first place, could again find itself back in government! All the parties know this…



So, today we will have a big announced ‘giveaway‘ budget as government parties go for vote gain – masked as ‘support the people in a time of crises‘. There is no doubt the people need it because in major part, the current government parties have put them all into this big mess – but that part continues to be far less mentioned by them and biased media, of course!

Parties that need to desperately regain public support and previously themselves, wanted to cut down on state ‘giveaways’, will be flip-flopping for their own hopeful eventual vote gain. All the parties know this.

All the parties also know, that if they speak up too much against the ‘giveaways’, they will face criticism for objecting to new or increased supports – so they have to walk a careful political line of current opposition objection to ongoing current government antics – and all parties know this! The current government has cleverly put them into this position…

While the ‘giveaways’ will be give huge media attention and government representatives will speak to microphones for weeks to come with great soundbites, they all also know that the current government will publicity giveaway with one hand – and quietly, subtly, take with the other!

For example: the expected carbon tax increases over the next few years – as €7.50 approx, a year, a shot, till 2030. The government will say they are giving away money to cover heating bills – while they are on the other hand, helping to increase those very bills.

“O’ dear, the carbon tax has gone up. Money that you have to give to us.”
“Well, here’s a few Euro’s to help with those bills we have created!”

In other words, the current government while taking other money in, will give money away (with great publicity) so that they can also further reclaim it quietly back later again. Clever eh? That’s “Old Politics” for you. Anyone notice that the last election phrase “New Politics” has been quietly dropped? O’ sorry. You wasn’t meant to notice that either!


Have no doubt. 
1. Much of the ‘giveaways’ are desperately needed by many.
2. Those that have put people into desperation in the first place, are now looking to buy back their support.
3. The current government parties still have plans to subtle take back money at the same time.
4. The next government will have to try deal/resolve the messes of the current government.

This is why I say again “Lord Help The Next Government.” It will be a poisoned chalice of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Green Party making – and all the parties know this…