If the 2020 government was to market themselves, they would fail miserable. As some of you know, I’m trained and qualified in marketing (besides other skills too). So, in those terms alone, let’s look at our government.
The success of any item/product/service, even government, is based on a number of factors:
* Customer Product. Is it a high quality every time? Is it above expectations?
* High perceived value. Is there attention to detail and added service touches that actually make it stand out?
* Clear benefits. Are they clear stated and all personalised successfully to individuals of the state?
* Reliability. No broken systems, procedures or promised outcomes?
* Customer service. Is there adequate responsive results and are the operators knowledgeable in their field or usage of their daily supplied item/service?
* Guarantee/Warranty. Is what’s promised or stated, delivered – and if not, is there an adequate ability to be recompensed and ability to gain a replacement within an adequate appropriate timeframe?
* Accessibility. Can everyone gain access to service/government providers in timely fashion and adequately addresses their future needs or current issues?
* Complaint Resolution. Is it fast enough and responsive always or is the only constant that it repeatedly falls short of what’s required?
* Positive experiences. Does the existence of the service/government not only serve people but leave them walking away with positive outcomes?
These are just basic requirements to gaining a successful product/service/government being judged as good, adequate or sadly, a dismal failure.
My own opinion (open to be wrong) professionally speaking – just by analytical looking at well established, specific fundamental factors, is that the current 2020 government is.
(a) Not up to required standard as needed.
(b) Their response times are abysmal.
(c) Totally unreliable.
(d) Has a majority negative value.
(e) The government and it’s representatives stated words, are not worth any contract paper they are wrote on!
(f) Problem resolutions are dire. In fact, grown worse since the 2020 government was released on the public!
I could go on – but you get the picture. If the government of 2020 was a product that was being tried to be sold today, such efforts would be a complete waste of time. Yes, it’s time now for a better service in our state. It’s time for a better government. The current ‘product’ in use, is an abject failure across the nation.
One professional opinion – open to be judged wrong.