By all accounts of those that know him, Ryan Tubidry, presenter, is a decent person. He’s able at times, to get to the heart of matters and express the sympathy of nation to those suffering from pain of one kind or another. The man is human and like the rest of us, does try his best to do things.
Last Friday he had a gold opportunity to question the leader of the country on such matters such as:
* homelessness,
* stretcher numbers,
* a generation of youth that will never be able to buy a roof over their own head,
* one million people (a fifth of the nation) on medial waiting lists,
* the complete balls-up they aided at the start of the Covid crises that may have contributed to unnecessary care home deaths,
* the failures to fully address the #Micra scandal and its redress,
* the mother and baby homes report they are still pushing despite it even being rubbished by a highcourt judge as being inaccurate and factual lies,
* the balls-up of the mother and baby home redress scheme that actually deliberately excludes many,
* the constant double standard of government,
* the rising numbers needing food charity help,
* the still quiet planned water re-charge now PR re-masked as “Excess water usage”,
* the FF/FG continuing privatisation agenda of state services, bit by bit, what was in #TTIP, now re-masked under #CETA
* the multiple rule breaking instances of elected partying,
* the government still being unwilling to clamp down on vultures grabbing hundred of apartments in one single swoop – deliberately excluding them from legislation – ironically created to actually address the matter,
* the walloping drinks price hike that sees ordinary people far worse off and border off-licences in serious trouble again,
* the now multiple crazy pay hikes for mates and business heads,
* the 3,000+ Garda ignored phone calls that has left females across Ireland subjected to further physical and metal abuse,
* the serious lack of elected unaccountability as 60+ scandals have been formed just since the 2020 government took office,
* he and Fianna Fail allowing Fine Gael to try and celebrate the Black and Tans – and what they did to Irish citizens?
* the mega costs attached to the now worlds most expensive hospital. A bottomless pit of unaccountability and oversight,
* the nuns org who still covertly exercise control over a maternity hospital (another expensive farce) that is to be on land the nuns refuse to give up – while they also refuse to still pay what they owe in victim compensation – and why won’t the government hold them further accountable?
* Why is he allowing a potential criminal who admitted giving state secrets away, to still sit at his cabinet table – and later reward him with his very own leader seat? Utter craziness!
You get the picture. There was much to be raised in question.
What was in fact, asked in question?
* What was his favourite pub?
* When does he think the pubs will be open late again?
* What about a commemoration – that few know about and less even possible care about?
What was got in reply to comfortable, easy questions was (likely pre-drawn up) soundbites, political filler and little more.
Gone was the rare chance to get decent answers. Gone was the rare chance to ask about decades of unfairness, injustice, judges illegal antics, the unaccountable antics of elected and even the daft high wages of them (some of up 50% in hike – including local councillors) while some nurses got a miserable 1% hike!
The questioner and the man under ‘interrogation’ (some interrogation?) might have well been sitting at home by a fireside (not using turf sods as the government has ruined that Irish industry too) with a cup of tea in one hand and a biscuit in the other!
A rare, serious lost opportunity.
Then again, this is RTE. It’s what they do. They are often afraid to bite a hand that is feeding them via a pressganged licence imposed if you need/want RTE or not – SINGLE TAXATION
…via a FF/FG government that has plans in hand to feed them even more, care of an ‘internet tax – yet another new charge to be extracted from an already seriously suffering mass public! – DOUBLE TAXATION – A new tax on net services that will eventually go also to RTE yet again.
…Then there is the other tax that RTE will gain from, the one that will be imposed just because you can connect to the internet – never mind further use services on it. – TRIPLE TAXATION
Yes, the farces continue – care of RTE who put on what are supposed to be serious issue addressing programmes, but instead air recent mega stupid things like how to declutter your home or putting presenters in tanks to be washed over by ice-cold water.
You couldn’t make this crap up! The sort of rubbish you find in the afternoon on RTE, continues to be distraction out out at prime viewing time? What a waste of a pressganged licence, one bullied onto a nation of people!
Well, you couldn’t make it up but RTE and our government certain can – when it suits their own crazy agendas!
IN CONCLUSION: All this craziness and more, needs to go. The public, the suffering people from all walks of life have had enough. It’s no wonder that government elected now are looking for Garda bodyguards? All for which, the public will be made to pay for too… The numbers of angry people in Ireland, are growing exponentially – every day – as FF and FG individual and combined antics continue.
The message from the awake and non-complacent of Ireland, is clear.
Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and yes, the rotten u-turning, enabling Green Party
must go from local and national government. Their time is well up. 

It’s #TimeForBetter