ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I write this as a concerned father of three daughters, besides being a concerned Ireland citizen.

6,601 – That’s the number of sex attacks women in Ireland have had to suffer instead last three years – and these are the ones that did get reported. How many more have not been!

2,728 –  That’s how many rapes reported between 2018 and 2020.

3,873 – The number of assaults on women in the same time period.

10% – That’s the detection percentage rate of investigated sex crimes.

508 – That how many were officially convicted – but 244 were then only sent to prison – while another 74 got suspended sentences.

1,349 – The number of child rapes in the same time period.

I am a very concerned parent. I am a very concerned citizen. We all should be. These numbers are just shocking. What the hell is going on. We don’t need bloody fighter jets in the air. We need justice on the ground and in our courts. We need more accountability. A #UnitedPeople fundamental aim. Our TD’s can get all the protection they want. Where is the better protection for the ordinary people, including our very children? Where is the justice? Just how detached are our judges as they let too many off and too many out on bail?
It’s #TimeForBetter – clearly far better…