This Tuesday, tomorrow (or today, if you are reading it on the 8th of Nov’), elections in the USA will further set the world on an even shakier balance. The outcome of results from the USA will help to tip many things beyond its physical national borders. In order to fully understand this, a broad picture has to be explained. This post is an attempt to do so. This post is long but sometimes details are very important to explain context and show a bigger picture of how matters are connected.

* I realise that some won’t read this post as they will moan it’s too long. It’s their right not to read it. It’s their right also to remain uneducated and then allow themselves to be open to being misinformed by others, who in seeking their vote, could lead them and us towards further disaster. Anyway, back to the post.

The American public are being asked to vote for two main sides (Republicans or Democrats) in their upcoming mid-term elections. The expected outcome is that the Republicans will gain back one house of government power while they also stand a chance of gaining a second. If this happens, Biden and his own party, are in trouble regarding passing any further laws/legislation. The best he can do after such a defeat, is veto items (a presidential power) that the opposition party will try ramming in as they gain control of two power houses.
Should we care? At first glance, it would be easy to say “Not much!” – but there will be a domino effect from whatever election results will occur. The domino effect from the America elections will be worldwide reaching in a number of ways.

  1. In a very possible worst-case scenario, Biden will be rendered a “lame duck” president. The knock-on effect of this will hit economic processes in America. in turn, this will then affect stock markets around the world. Prices will get higher yet again.
  2. Biden rendered a “lame duck” president, will not be good for him or his party’s chances of gaining the White House. A “lame duck” president is a potential PR disaster for future election chances at achieving a second White House consecutive term.
  3. More out of touch with reality, fantasists of the Republican Party, say if they win majorities that it will be “Great!“. If they don’t win majorities “Well, the democratic party have fixed the mid-terms just like they fixed the last presidential election!“. The fact that after 60 court cases tried, they couldn’t produce a shred of systemic evidence in any single one to prove the latter, didn’t matter a damn to them or their brainwashed supporters. Their attacking of people’s voting ability, in turn undermines democracy as a long-used process. A process that is far from perfect but is far better than a dictatorship or religious order lording over a nation of people, issuing dictates to “Obey or face death!”.
  4.  The results of the mid-terms will help decide future policies of other countries and then possibly, some of their later actions. To explain this, we must look at the coming 2024 USA presidential election situation.


The 2024 Presidential Election.

Right now, it looks increasingly unlikely that Biden will in fact run again for a second term. Yes, he is eighty and that’s old – but it’s become increasingly obvious even to the half-blind that the president has more serious health issues. At various times he had made some serious errors over and over. Some have been tried to be passed off as simple mistakes but there’s a now too consistent pattern.  For example: while campaigning in Florida just this week, Biden bizarrely claimed that he attended a black collage. He never did. he boasted about how he’d managed to get enough votes together to squeeze through a massive write-off on student loans – but there never was such a vote and Congress was certainly not involved. He blamed USA inflation on the Iraq war. It should have been “Ukraine” – admittedly this alone, could have been a simple mental slip – but it’s one of increasingly many. He corrected himself, saying that he’s been thinking of his son “Beau” who had ‘died in Iraq’. Beau didn’t die there. He died in Maryland, USA, of throat cancer after being back home for six years. Biden at times has been seen to be completely lost on stage, going off in the wrong directions, looking increasingly confused or bewildered. He’s had to now take with him bullet-point notes so that he can even do the simplest of tasks. he’s stumbled and fallen down more than once. Off bikes, getting on to planes and more. The man, it has been claimed, to be in obvious decline.

Some of the Democratic party expected a decline and with that in mind, hoped his vice-president would then step up prior to 2024 and announce that she would like to stand for the position of President. However, Democrats and others have discovered a consistent line of gaffs, absurdities and mistakes that as one journalist put it recently “…she was an even bigger clunker than Biden“. If she was to run as president, the opposition would be delighted. They would be all over her with enough political ‘ammo’ to easy defeat her. The Democratic faces a very serious problem. Who do they run in 2024? It has to be someone already high profile, is clean and has either serious related experience or is of such world standing, they’d be a formidable challenge to beat. So far, the Democrats have not suggested a fresh alternative.

On the Republican side, there is the cult that is Trump – a man that is no young person either. Many of his supporters are so extreme, so ‘out there’, devoid from daily reality as they grip their guns like loved ones and rage or riot against anything that mind challenge their blinkered minds, it’s truly bizarre to the rest of the world looking on, that they have gained so much political clout – and allowed get away with it. Trump, to give him credit, tells them what they want to hear. Trump knows how to play to a crowd. He might (and does) repeatedly rant off in wild unproved statements but he does so by playing down to the lowest common denominators, convincing them that whatever Trump says, is gospel – and must be taken as such. There shall be no questioning Trump truth! Even if it’s so far media cataloged with over 5,000 outright, checkable lies – and that was just during his time in the White House!

In reality, the Republican party have managed to destroy the rights of women, workers and now they are going after others social groups including gays and lesbians, after social welfare recipients and general voters. The last one on that list, they have fiercely attacked already. In many states controlled by Republican heads, they have deliberately reduced voting abilities of non-white and classes of society that they felt wouldn’t be supporting them. They have gone after black, Hispanic and other communities. Stripping entire rights away – making it harder to basic vote – and they have only just started. Under Trump, they have reduced and destroyed women’s rights by gerrymandering the Supreme Court by stacking it with their extremist’s that by deliberate made majority decisions, have pulled freedom rights of Americans backwards – and they have only just started! The Republican party if they get their way with votes, will bring more dysfunctionality like the DUP to Stormont. Both will stall and hider any progress. Both don’t want others to gain any ability to improve any matters – if only so that both can then blame others for a mess they have themselves, created.

The further outcome of the 2024 presidential election will decide help many things. If a democratic candidate wins the White House, support and funding will continue for the military, positions taken regarding the defense of Tiawan will remain unchanged and continue. The Chinese will think twice before unilaterally taking their own invading military action. Putin, if he’s still alive and in power by 2024, will face a nation along with European leaders who will continue to oppose his own created invasion.

If a Republican candidate wins the White House, support and funding will continue for the military will diminish (not always a bad thing?), positions taken regarding the defense of Tiawan will change as the party is taking more of a “You’re on your own” position regarding many issues. This will be a position that will allow Putin to get up to even more. He will feel he has more free rein to do as he pleases.  The Chinese will think similar regarding their own intended invading military action. These actions and others that could occur by the re-installation of a Republican government and president, will be like adding fuel to flames already growing. The world – equally under a Republican rule – could become a more dangerous place.



The mid-term elections and the next presidential election will decide if USA falls further into chaos, grow more anti-democratic, rights undermining or if America stands some chance of finding its way back to a decent form of fairness, equality and on the path to be coming a world power again or sink into self- isolation and polarising positions that will serve neither the USA or the world well. The mid-term elections will help indicate to the likes of Putin and China what way further things are likely to go in 2024 – and from that, just how much they can push things further to a greater dangerous brink.

The American public are being asked to decide between the Republican party and the Democrats. Which one is the lesser of two evils, only time will tell!


FOR THE RECORD: I am NOT a fan of either of the parties. Both are bought off one way or other, by big money.