So, what’s expected when Leo Varadkar takes back his throne again! I’m asked this regularly. The answer in short, is simple. Like before, more of the same, only in increased amounts.
Leo has now been in charge of Fine Gael for some time now. Seeing as someone he helped to appoint, has let him off from being charged with breaking laws, he likely to remain in top position for some time to come – barring any more personal scandals.
However, he also knows that his return to his Taoiseach throne, is his last one. After 2025, and likely a SF takes over, Leo won’t be seen for dust. He will be ousted by then or scarper off to an EU reward position for being a good obedient boy.
So, ultimately his time is still limited. That established, what will come prior to 2025?
1. More attempts to buy votes. That’s a given and to be honest, all parties indulge in this attempt.
2. More scare tactics directly and through media mates. Part of their 28 page attack plan drawn up.
3. More rewards for those loyal to Leo.
4. More humiliation for Fianna Fail and Michael Martin if he is stupid enough to try hanging on. Mr Martin is not that stupid. He will avoid being ‘top dog’ during a 2025 election disaster.
5. More mass doses of PR stunts, never mind the additional expected shower of soundbites.
6. More looking after landlords over any serious national crises, emergency social home building plans.
7. Way more “conflict of interest” corrupt voting practices.
8. More cronyism and nepotism.
9. More unaccountability.
10. More RTE aided cosy chats. Cue “The Late Late Show”. Hello “Morning Show”.
11. More efforts to seen the TTIP/CETA privitisation agenda followed though, regarding public departments and sections of inner services.
12. More efforts to stifle and stop the ways people can legal object to local authorities awarding permission to private companies.
13. More pressganging. Current example, forcing civil servants into #IrishWater while their union #SIPTU betrays them – and – #JobPath private companies will more mass pressgang youth into low paid jobs. It all and more, FG allowed.
14. There will of course, be more open and underhand attempts to get us all into #NATO. Biased media will aid this FG undemocratic based agenda.
You get the picture. On it goes. More of the same, just in increased amounts, ASAP, because even Leo knows his last sitting of his incoming throne, is time limited also.
Buckle up. It’s going to be a hell of a ride – and by god, it’s likely going to be a tough one! Safe bet.