It appears in the news (sample LINK) that “The Trump” is to second try creating his own social media platform/forum. This news comes after an earlier attempt was tried.

The previous attempt failed, in part, that it turned out to be just a blog (and far fewer than expected, then followed) and that no one could really interact with. It was just a one way conversation – Trump doing all the talking/ranting. The numbers that followed it ended up being very poor. It was eventually pulled as it was then seen as a Trump disaster. As such, making him look more bad – if that was possible!

If we are honest, the new attempt when launched – providing it actually is a forum where interaction, public conversations can take place, will become a location of just one way ideology of thinking. Many of those in it, will decline to see beyond a deliberate limited Trump range of thinking. They will deliberate decline to see any fault with Trump – their semi-deity and continue to follow him in cult-like worship.

The forum will feed upon itself and it’s conspiracy theories, espousing them all as truth exposed – many times over without a further solid evidence beyond hearsay. Anyone daring to criticise and even deep question, will be immediately attacked, jumped upon by others, like a pack of wolves attacking. In short, it will be like many net forums but one that will be more blinkered and on speed!

Hell, It’s likely I will be attacked even for saying all this. The cult of Trump must not be undermined or questioned? I have posted some of the above words on – see HERE – and observe the reaction, if any…

When people are willing to see only with limited range and are unwilling to dare question those that they look up to, rational thinking becomes far more less possible! Thinking ‘outside the box’ becomes less possible. Closed minds, self trapping themselves in a specialised niche, only end up feeding on their their own notions and short-sighted critical thinking.

In short, it will be like Facebook or Twitter (if more interaction is possible), but more hypersensitive, bitter and blinkered…

Not a location to head to if you are looking for true progressiveness and not a location to dare criticise Trump. “How dare you!”

NOTE: I make this post as NOT a fan of either the Republican Party in the USA or their main opposite, the Democratic Party. One is sometimes as bad as the other. Both certainly have their own war criminals, who continue to escape being held to account by other cowardly nations. Other nations do same while in a ‘kiss-ass’, symbiotic relationship with occupiers of the White House.