I apologise about the article length but matters have to be clear stated. This post – yes – does contain opinion, but it is based on also many fundamental core truths that can be independently verified.


The rioting that we all saw occurring in Dublin on Thursday, was a terrible shocking thing. Without question, the vast majority of the people of Ireland, including myself, completely condemn it without question. All political parties in Ireland except some far-right parties, have stated clear cut that they too condemn the acts of Dublin thugs, as they also condemn an earlier stabbing.

You can check the following for independent verification. Not one right-wing party so far have outright condemned the street thugs. One put out a A4 page waffling statement just blaming everything and everyone else, while trying to claim they had nothing got to do with the night’s events despite some of their people reported to be early present and caught on video, started a protest over inaccurate details they were also spreading across social media. Let’s be again honest here. Some extremists were NOT there on the day or night – but for some time they have stoked the fires of hate. It was only a matter of time before their stoking had the effect some hoped for?

They still continue to post public, more inaccurate statements. Its leaders have already exposed history of doing this that can also be verified. Any person that swallows their words, is opening themselves up to be made a further fool of. Their released statement reeks of vile and opportunistic wording, to suit their own extreme twisted agenda, while at the same time they accuse others of making vile and opportunistic statements. Another ‘pot calling the kettle black’. We already have too much of this crap in the Dail. We don’t need more such double-standard, even more bigoted people adding to an already political created, political pile of word manure!

NOTE: The actions of the Dublin thugs and far-right fanatics are further doing the individual rights of many others, no good. That’s not just my opinion but of other legal professionals and they have public stated this. The government parties have now been given further excuse to bolster crackdown laws, likely upgrade censorship laws and more, that will stifle good forms of expression and ability to make statements, alongside the ravings of genuine troublemakers and thugs. However, again, DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT ALONE. The latest headlines just released shows this. Since Thursday, other headlines and inner paper reported have stated same. Expect to see more of such news and headlines. You can overall thank the troublemakers for all this – alongside the government they have given further justification to.

So, for the record, let me state some known and verifiable facts about events that day and night.

1. The attacker earlier in the day, prior to his attack, was said to suffer from mental issues. It’s reported that he might have had a brain tumour previously and after subsequent treatment, still had further issues in that direction to be addressed. This does absolutely NOT excuse what he did.


However, for the far-right PR spinning that the attacker just had a political agenda – as “Ireland First” have done in their released statement – they pulp this crap out, primarily due to their own blinkered political agenda. That being ignoring all other reason. Wider, more accurate facts don’t suit their narrow narrative that’s still being pumped out for foolish swallowers. Facts like, the stabbed 5-year-old girl comes from migrant parents. The far right have that information quiet because it too doesn’t suit their narrow narrative that “Irish people are under attack. Let’s fight back!The extremists to date have avoided telling their few supporters about the attacker’s actual mental medical condition. No. That was kept quiet about as they instead, said it was either a religious attack or just because he was simply an immigrant – all be one that has been here 20 years and a now full Irish citizen. All this can be independent verified.


2. That riotous night, far-right parties seeking political opportunity, an opportunity they immediately saw to take advantage of – this time using kids and a carer being stabbed, for their own ends – they created further opportunistic acts of protests on Dublin streets, based on inaccuracy and outright lies. They didn’t wait to hear actual facts pertaining to the day’s incident. NO. They immediately rushed to say this was all because of immigrants. This was complete and utter bull – with no basis whatsoever in reality or fact (see above again). Still, it was a handy reason for them to get others of limited ‘ability-to-question’ thinking, all fired up. Something more to further suit and support their narrow narratives.

3. On the back of their instigated, incorrect reason for protest, other thugs in Dublin decided to go along with their protest and with later increasing numbers, decided to riot and steal. These later thugs were using their own vile and opportunistic chance to do what they did, using “We are just protesting” as more utter crap to try justifying (a) stealing, (b) assaulting others (c) putting businesses at risk and employees out of work, through vandalism in the weeks coming up to Christmas.

Again, I state. NONE of this, nor the thugs of the night, has yet been outright condemned by the far-right extremists. They just released statement of “it wasn’t us” while NOT even expressing sympathy to victims of the day and night assaulted, in their ranting-at-all public made statements. They subsequently have tried to quickly delete earlier social media posts that called for people to gather with them that Dublin night and other posts calling for immediate action. Those posts however, are server saved for Garda to inspect and many of them have been screen grabbed too by observing people. Possible additional evidence for court cases later. One charge “incitement” amid others.

4. The attacker was NOT a recent immigrant. As already stated, he was resident for 20 years. He was and still is, an Irish passport holder. He was and still is, a fully certified, naturalised Ireland citizen. That’s a fact no matter what way others still spinning their opinion as supposed fact, and they also make additional statements that are also unfounded and unproved – while hoping more people will foolishly rush into swallowing their opinion that’s still tried to be passed off as fact.

5. An initial man that helped to stop the attacker, was indeed also recent immigrant. A good immigrant that rushed to stop a vile attack. “Those darn good immigrants doing the people of Ireland a big favour… How dare they!
(for those that like to twist words of others actually stated – for the record, that’s sarcasm)
If the fanatics that make out or women and children are “under attack” by a few rare people new to the country – ask yourself,
1.Why are they not more shouting about our homegrown attackers? One’s that fill our courts every week!
2.Why are they not far stronger protesting about larger number sex attackers/offenders (and their locations) that are home grown, and then calling for positioning, legal or sentencing changes there?
3. “Where is their street protests about the far larger numbers of Irish sex attackers?”
…After all, they claim they are standing up for our women and kids – yet for past months and years they are solely concentrating just on immigrants. This can be independently verified. Bias much? Narrow focused? Ignoring a much larger problem while they target a smaller one? You know the answer to that.

No, they would have you believe that it’s mainly immigrants, of course. It suits their own political agenda and fundamental racist party ideology. They ignore verifiable numbers that show attacks are actually increasing due to our own IRISH men that are acting disgracefully. Are they biased much? Ask yourself “Why?“. Answer? Racist political agenda. That’s the opinion of many that actually know verifiable facts.

…But those facts you can independently check, does not suit their political narrative. So, no, they say little or complete nothing about that far bigger picture of crime.

Racists immediately overlooked a gold nugget of fact, that an immigrant likely saved Ireland lives – while racists continue to espouse that immigrants are just bad. Not once have the racists thanked the Brazilian immigrant for his willingness to step up and save Ireland lives. Not once. The racists continue to conveniently keep quiet about the quick-thinking, good immigrant while shouting still about the bad attacker, espousing as he supposedly being a recent one to Ireland. Yes, in order to further their inaccurate twisted, blinkered agenda. Again, more lies, misinformation, vile and opportunistic crap from them. Nothing new there.


6. The lower rank Garda of Ireland have been widely under-supported repeatedly over years and consecutive terms of government where Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and the Green Party, have been in power. All four parties have repeatedly, utter failed all our emergency services. Our emergency services have been left distraught, too low paid, far under resourced and understandably, their morale is at an all-time low. This can be independently verified.

7. Garda representative associations and individual Garda that dare to even try speak-up (they are barred from publicly doing so, themselves, individually (guess which parties enforces and still supports that wide-spread staff censorship?) have year on year, called for better pay conditions, better work conditions, better support, better logistical practises, better accountability, better strengthening of laws, less censorship, a stop to them being used to back evictions in the interest of private individuals, political connected and vulture companies. This can be independently verified.

In fact, Garda representatives in many yearly reports and conference made statements, have called for better in Ireland till they are ‘blue in the face’. Sadly, year on year, Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and the Green Party have ignored many such pleadings, at best paying ‘lip-service’ to Garda calls for better – this can be independently verified – while still being willing to use Garda for their own political PR stunts such as taking street walks with them espousing that “streets are safe”. We all would be “safe” if we too were walk surrounded by Garda?

8. I absolutely do not think Mr Harris should be in the top Garda position he has, for a number of reasons. However, I won’t go on about them all here. That’s opinion based on non-related Dublin riot events. I’m here to try stick more so, to matter surrounding a bad Dublin day and night. Mr Harris states that there was no way anyone could have predicted the riots that Dublin occurred. I disagree (my opinion).


Fact. For some time now, both his position – and the Garda that are ordered by him, to do as they are told – have let too many political thugs off with too much. Many of us know about political thugs assaulting library staff. We see the same thugs assaulting young girls, spitting at people, attacking a Cork mayor, taking others phones, invading private property and causing business criminal damage. All of it caught on video. This can be independently verified. Sample video proof: CLICK HERE

Yet, for all this and more, Mr Harris’s ‘softly, softly’ approach, has not only allowed them to continue their knuckle dragging, animal antics but have increasingly emboldened them and others to try pushing their thug luck further, inciting others to be more aggressive, bitter and events tuned out this week, more costly to the taxpayers of Ireland – and they have run up some bill! Subsequently, the events of Dublin in the last week, was an eventual explosion that many warned was coming and was seen coming a mile off by recognising that Mr Harris’s method too stand-off methods were repeatedly crap. Mr Harris’s softly, softly approach to extremists and thugs, was utterly ineffectual. It has repeatedly put property, goods, jobs and individual people at risk. 60 Garda were attacked on riot night and €50,000,000 worth of damage and destruction was done. Part of the price of a too hands-off approach?

Mr Harris should resign for this alone. His methods instigated in running a police force, has been 98.7% Garda voted as bad. No, wait, that was them voting against him – because of his ways of operating in office and how he’s treated his lower ranked staff. His too soft approach to thugs has been further life-risking dangerous. If he doesn’t resign, a wise, decent government must fire him. Yes, I know what you are thinking… which leads me to…

9. Then again, our current government of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Green party, have not only been too ineffective and too silence about the failures of Mr Harris, but they incredibly, have also continuously backed him – despite one failure after another. What does this say about them? Leaving Mr Harris aside, their own year on year, government after government, repeated unwillingness to do what is right, has also repeatedly exposed how very ineffective they are or willing to further be in doing what needed to be done. So, we come to a core truth that can easily be assessed by looking at modern Ireland political history.

10. Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and the Green Party has policing failed us over in-power office terms. The non-brainwashed voter has seen this for many years. They make no laws where needed. They make weak laws where there should be stronger ones. They let criminals in suits off. They go after the small guy while letting professionals off – with additional pensions and exit payments. You get the picture. You are likely sick of seeing and reading of it.

At core, one of the real fundamental failures of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and the Green Party is that they have been too much “Reactive” in office and not being “Pro-active” as they far more should be.
* The four parties often rush in something, into law, after a crisis, an accident, a bit of law-breaking or another scandal exposed.
* The four parties often rush to create a PR stunt for the masses, that is immediately or later repeat questioned by skilled professionals – and eventually is exposed (not by RTE most of the time) by good others, as a PR stunt that was just that and nothing more.

When it comes to Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and the Green Party, they have failed to be pro-active enough. They have been mainly reactive, while too busy:

1. looking after themselves,
2. covering up their own illegal activities (even today), too busy covering up for their mates,
3. too busy making laws for their own landlord brethren,
4. too busy lining their own pockets,
5. too busy allocating top state jobs to their own friends and family,
6. too busy being too silent and looking the other way,
7. too busy off on public paid junkets,
8. too busy allowing people to be evicted and creating way to make it more happen,
9. too busy letting more vultures and private property gamblers in,
10. too busy seat constituency gerrymandering,
11. too busy giving away state secrets,
12. too busy breaking data laws and allowing elected others who have done same, to also get off.
13. too busy espousing “democracy” while making their own vote in demanded directions.
14. too busy shutting down own party youth groups if they dare speak up and call for better.
15. too busy keeping RTE – their propaganda station – alive and letting guilty there, off with mega pensions with no risk of ever being Garda investigated even if they did create fraudulent invoices.
16. too busy, along with their junior branch members, going online and slating people under fake names and on news comment sites, making up lies, trolling and attacking those that only speak verifiable history, truth and facts.
17. too busy finding too many quiet, behind closed doorways, to further weaken Ireland’s once established neutrality. Next up for attacking, the triple lock!
18. they have been too busy been up to much more, no damn good, to be actually doing more pro-active work.

All the above can be independently verified.

They all should have been at their work desks a lot more, listening to what they have been repeatedly told for year, a lot more. They all should have turned up at our Dail a lot more instead of making too brief appearances, many times just to qualify for their “expenses” or more of them!

Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and the Green Party need to be kept out of future government – and any future party that jumps into bed with them later, will only be enabling their continued ways behind closed doors. You know this. I know this and many others know this.
1. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?
2. The leopard cannot change his spots!

It’s time for better. A complete fresh, new better elected in government. Would the voters of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and the Green Party please reassess their voting directions! It’s time to stop the continuous rot. It’s time to stop re-electing failures, liars, the crooked and PR stunt artists.

I wish to express my deepest support towards all business operators in Ireland and their good staff, who face street thugs and political thugs. I suspect that the decent people of Ireland feel the same way.
I ultimately end by expressing my deepest of sympathy to all those that were injured during a bad afternoon and night in Dublin, just days ago. I hope the attacked get better soon, both in physical and mental terms – though I suspect one aspect might take longer to recover than the other. I am in no doubt that whatsoever, the good people of Ireland also wish all victims, the very best. You are in our thoughts and prayers.