When Nancy Pelosi (USA elected representative) was out, a person that was unknown to her or her husband, broke into their home looking for her. The home invader brought with him, a hammer and plastic ties. The apparent intention was to attack Mrs Pelosi and restrain her. The items brought, just didn’t slip into the home invaders pockets by accident.

Mrs Pelosi wasn’t home but her 82 year old husband, Paul, was. Rather than leave after discovering his main target was not home, the home invader, David Depape, instead lashed out with the hammer towards her husbands aged head. This is not in dispute. The attacker and the attacked had never met before in any way. The head damage done, has been severe. Many elected representatives from all sides of America immediately condemned the home invasion and subsequent attack. Many – but not all. Ex-president Trump has cowardly kept his head down saying nothing (as the attacker is a Trump fan) and a Trump son also put out a mega insensitive, tasteless joke on social media about the attack. Stupidity before sense operating.

Sadly, the stupidity didn’t end there. Billionaire Elon Musk then made a complete stupid Twitter post alleging totally baseless fiction, and tried to impose that it could be “fact” about the whole attack. Elon’s source for his fiction came from a far-right publication that has a long history of completely falsifying lies. Still, in utter stupidity before sense, Elon crazy used their wacky writings that was devoid of evidence, to compound his own stupidity.

In the last eight and more years, people around the world have observed others being possibly willing to be more stupid on a regular basis, rather than engage their brain before just being a fool. In attempt be a polarising, balkanising individual, the world appears to be suffering from an increase of people putting stupidity before sense. We have citizens who are too easily willingly to just swallow any crap thrown out by divisive, lying others. There has always been an element of such people willing to be so stupid since humans first existed. However, as technology has progressed and now mass communications have increased, bigger combined numbers, containing such stupid people, appear to have increased too.

We are now in an era where on occasion, we see others attacked physically, in written form or orally, by stupid people who are pouring out their bile with no evidence substantiation behind it, to prove their hatred attacks are justified. Instead, the stupid just pass off “opinion” as supposed “total fact” in such a way that they hope others gullible enough, will swallow it. Sadly, too many people putting stupidity before sense, do! Where previously some people didn’t like things and said so due to opinion reasons stated, others read such opinions and then made up their own mind regarding what to believe and accept. All have understood that opinion has been shared – and opinion was to be only taken as opinion – not supposed/imposed solid fact.
Things have changed. We now have people putting out opinion and for own disgusting reasons, deliberately passing off their invented opinion as “fact” without any substantiation whatsoever. This is not only totally stupid, it’s very dangerous. It at times causes a catalyst, falling domino effect that leads to others getting hurt – as in the case of Nancy Pelosi’s husband.
We have people willing to rubbish years, decades and centuries of established and verified knowledge, simply because they are gullible in swallowing others agenda filled opinion, stupidly gulping such opinions in as supposed fact – when the spewed opinion is not “fact” in any way shape or form. Why some people are not willing to seek out substantiation, might be put down to pure laziness or utter stupidity at times?

“I don’t agree with that other persons established facts – because what they are saying doesn’t agree with my opinion – and I not only take my opinion as fact but I’m willing to pass off my totally unsubstantiated opinion as fact to others.”

…And that’s the level, people who put stupidity before sense, have sunk to. This is human regression, not human progression?

I personally have many opinions. Many people don’t agree with them. It’s my right to have an opinion and the right of others to disagree with me, is something I would fight for. What I don’t do, is simply pass off opinion as fact. That’s not only wrong, it’s stupid and dangerous. It’s human regression and quite frankly, it opens the door to further undermining of anything else I might say – even if opinion shared later turns out to be true when substantiation is discovered! Stupid people don’t appear to get all this. Why? Braindead? Laziness in unwilling to substantially think matters through to their natural conclusion? Too distracted by other idiots who devious mislead because of their own dodgy agenda?

In fact, it’s my opinion that some stupid people will not have read this far because it’s too much like hard work. Instead, off they will go to moan elsewhere, to attack without substantiation yet again.

So, what’s the point of this post (for those that might have missed it)?

1. Opinion is not always automatic “fact” and certainly should not be 100% accepted as such right away. Still keep an open mind.

2. Seek out substantiations. When others repeatedly duck or refuse to give any, you should (if you have a genuine open mind) question what’s being tried to be passed off as “fact”.

3. Lies stated by a single individual or by thousands, even millions, still does not turn a lie into truth. It’s just more stupidity compounded on top of original ideology filled stupidity.

Quite frankly, some modern humans need to get their heads out of their own ass and see beyond the lies of others. I state that as opinion, not as “fact”. You are 100% entitled to disagree. I would fight and willingly die for you, to retain that right. Truth? In doing so, I’m hopefully helping to protect my children’s rights too.

Humans need progression, not regression, in order for matters to improve. More opinion of mine. I think it’s time for better, not worse. It’s always time for better. One person’s opinion.