Even by his own words, Russia’s autocrat leader Mr Putin has admitted he sough the reunification of a past form of the Russia state. His desires in this regard were referred to by a French politician as “an 18th century leader living in a 21st century state”. Whatever reasons after that, Putin has come up with, to public justify war invading a European democratic state – his own ultimate personal reasons are out there for all to independently check and verify.

In part attempt to justify his actions, he’s tried to say the Ukrainian government was made up of a bunch of NAZI’s. Sadly, too many stupid people have rushed to swallow this complete inaccurate spun propaganda. Had they bothered their backside to actually do some research, they would have discovered that previous Ukrainian elected and a still a tiny few right now, still elected, are not only connected to Pro-Russian elements but in fact, also connected to the NAZI factions existing in the South-East of the state. They have a 4% elected representation. 96% of current Ukraine elected open oppose them. These verifiable details and more, can be found easily by non-lazy people.

“Morning Ireland” (16th March 2020 – time 7.20am approx’), an RTE radio show conducted an interview with an Ukrainian elected official. In that interview, they further backed up what many less lazy, more willing to research, people already knew! In that interview, they exposed that the existence of pro-Russia elected supporters with connection to the extremists that existed in the South-East of their state. These are the same NAZI extremists that have made open threats upon the life of the state’s president – a president that ironically Putin raving clamed was a NAZI.

Putin deliberately making that claim, left out many things.

  1. His own people and supporters are actually connected to the fringe extremists.
  2. The latest Ukrainian elected government and  president was bringing in even more public sought changes, to see corrupt and extremists gone from their country.
  3. The extremists causing much trouble in the South-East, were looking to get their regions hooked back to ‘ancient’ Russia even though a majority of people even in those regions didn’t want to re-hook back to the Russian state they had 30 years previously, just got off their backs!

The above can be read about in far greater detail by clicking/taping HERE. Sadly, stupid and lazy people in Ireland (and further) won’t read the actual truth – as it conflicts and exposes blatant lies they continue to spin to other gullible people – who in turn decline to do their own research – that would easy expose their ‘friends’ terribly lying to them. True, good friends wouldn’t do that.

In past times, the taking over a state by military force meant that you got to rule over it with far easier effort. Due to the world moving on in technology, far faster travel ability, far faster world information transfer, the existence of social media, internet board forums and many forms of text/video/graphic access, people in states around the world are no longer able to be kept in a total dark and away from many ultimate core truth. The listed modern abilities and more, has helped people to share information, better organise themselves and then go protest far, far quicker and in far more places – all at the same time or in more professional planned staggered methodology.

In other words, any modern invading state (such as Russia) that even successfully takes over another country, has by it’s very action, sown destruction seeds of its own efforts.

  • If Putin though that by invading a democratic country, killing (to date – 16th/03/2022) 97 Ukrainian children along with hundreds/thousands of further Ukrainian adults, would win over people of that state invaded, the man is seriously deluded. Their maiming (example LINK) won’t win many Ukraine home supporters either.
  • If Putin though that by invading a democratic country, killing journalists and even cameramen working for other state networks, was going to win over foreign support, the Russian leader seriously needs his head examined.
  • If Putin though that by invading a democratic country, killing thousands of Russia’s youth, just about army pressganged into a war they were told was a “military exercise” – Putin ultimately fooled very few as each youth discovered what they were actually sent into – and then phoned, texted, emailed back home to tell greater truths – before many of them were then sadly killed!
  • If Putin thinks that world history will not record his own created atrocities, keeping it for posterity, so that future generations of people in Russia and beyond it can even more discover greater truths – see it in video, text and graphic form, the Russian leader is possibly seriously deluding himself.
  • If Putin thinks that kidnapping mayors of cities, putting bags over their heads as they are army grabbed, making them disappear, is going to win over a nation of people, he should seek out mental health professionals for being seriously disillusioned.
  • If Putin thinks that wiping entire cities of another nation is going to win him that nations backing, he’s a lost cause.

Having started what he did – the war invasion of a democratic state – Putin has doomed himself in the long run. Amid other things, he has ultimately doomed his own seat of power. Even if his war invasion ended within 24 hours of this report, the long-term effects of his actions will reverberate for decades to come. He has just about turned Russia into a near pariah state. This alone will take years to walk back from – years to recover from. Putin has ruined his own previously established world reputation. From being seen as a strong, forceful leader he will now go down in history in many books and people’s minds as a modern near dictator on megalomaniac scale.

How long Putin can ultimately hang on to his seat of power, remains to be seen. His fellow statesmen and women will be looking towards the future, days still distant from the still continuing Ukrainian atrocities. They will want to show how different they want to be seen from Putin and his self-adopted agendas. In order to do state name damage repair – to do state financial repair – to try reverse any sanction imposed by others that has also hit themselves personally, they will want to see the back of Putin as soon as possible. Human nature – self preservation, personal greed, aspects of national pride and more, will kick in – if they are not already there! In short: Putin’s days are numbered.

In terms of weeks, months or years, Putin has ultimately in many ways, done himself no favours. It’s no longer a case of “IF he will go?” – it’s now a case of “WHEN he will go!”

Putin by his war crimes, has further limited the places he can ultimately run to if he decided in months or years, to step down. He is not a stupid man in many ways. Before he goes, he will most assuredly put into his seat of power, someone that will look out for him after he steps down. That will likely be part of the ‘stepping down’ deal he will make with Russia’s next leader. Putin will place a power ‘crown’ on another head if they quietly promise to make sure that Putin remains safe, is able to keep many of his ill-gotten money billions and won’t be extradited to any world court for war crime accountability.


The Win That’s Not Really A Win.

In more immediate terms, Putin needs to be able to take back a ‘win’ to Russia’s people in order to be able say something like “See, this is what my ordering of special manoeuvres into a foreign state, has positively done for Russia!” This PR pitch in time, will ultimately fail – as in time, Russian people when their internet is restored, their access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc is regained, will see greater truths that Putin still continues to hide form them. However, in the meanwhile, Putin needs to save personal face – if only to try save his own backside and ensure his personal safety for sometime to come. He needs a Ukraine ‘win’ to try save his name and backside at home.

If there is to be an end to the war invasion, with gritted teeth, a Ukrainian state will have to give him some form of ‘win’ and they too, ultimately know it. They can take solace some day in know that further truths about the city destructions and killing crimes of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin will be more ultimately known the world over, for centauries to some.

In the meanwhile, Putin, having got himself into a political and military disaster hole of his own making, will be seeking an ‘out’ to the mess that he indeed self-created. Any ‘win’ he can now gain so he can from his power throne, hit an “Off” switch to his mega costly, modern started war, will be very much needed by him – if only for him to save face with his own people! The few that will always ultimately stand by him even if he claimed “Black is white!”

Any ‘win’ he gets from ongoing negotiations between his Russian officials and Ukraine representatives, will be taken back to state tight controlled media and tried sold to the Russian people as best possible.  …Then in time, their internet and phone access will be greater returned. Foreign news networks will again be able to broadcast into Russia again. Inevitably, greater details and truth will get out.

Putin might get a short-term win – but ultimately with time, it will never be seen as a big or even real one for a Russia that will have decades ahead of it, to try recover from the wrath Putin has caused to fall on Russian shoulders for a long time, into the future.


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