The advantages of Participatory Democracy
Participatory democracy is a type of democracy in which citizens are actively more involved in the decision-making process of a government – either directly or through representatives. Here are some advantages of participatory democracy:

1. Increased citizen engagement: Participatory democracy encourages citizens to take a more active role in the decision-making process. This helps to increase civic engagement and promote a sense of responsibility and ownership in the political process.

2. Improved representation: When citizens are directly involved in the decision-making process, their voices and concerns are more likely to be heard and represented in the decisions that are made. This can lead to more equitable and effective policies. Representatives ignoring people or issues the initiates “Recall” – which bring us to the next point…

3. Enhanced accountability: In a participatory democracy, citizens have a greater ability to hold their elected officials accountable for their actions. This can help to reduce corruption and increase transparency in government. The public at any stage, any year, all year, can hold their elected (through “Recall” within Participatory Democracy) to account. Lord knows our bad elected right now needs to be held to better account? Is the current out of date, accountability system truly working to best advantage, in the publics favour? Be honest in answering – even to yourself!

4. Increased trust in government: When citizens are directly involved in the decision-making process, they are more likely to trust and have confidence in their government. This can help to increase political stability and reduce social unrest. Elected have to be far more working rather than be off on too many junkets or time wasting, costly farces!

5. Improved quality of decision-making: When citizens are involved in the decision-making process, they bring diverse perspectives and expertise to the table. This can lead to more informed and better-quality decisions. One track agendas further disabled by ‘whipped’ into line, silenced representatives, is not good for true democracy. Being bullied, PR called “whipped” by a “party whip”, severely limits free thinking and even greater free speech and expression of ideas. Participatory Democracy enables far greater rights and ability to express oneself.

Overall, participatory democracy can help to create a more engaged, accountable, and effective government that better represents the needs and interests of its citizens. All its citizens. This is the core constitution basis on which UnitedPeople, the party I founded, rests. I believe there is a better way. Our rotten elected won’t allow us to re-establish it. It’s therefore up to us to do what needs to be done, if they won’t.
Ireland needs Participatory Democracy. I steadfast believe this. It now needs it more than ever. Our children’s future depends on it. A better operating system, incorporating better accountability, brings better chances of improvement in health, housing, and many other issues. It’s a long needed system upgrade. What are we waiting for? We need Participatory Democracy today. Demand it from your national and local elected at the next elections. If they refuse, make excuses or fudge around what we need, vote for someone else! Improvement happens when we make it happen. Don’t ask for Participatory Democracy. Demand it.
Jeff Rudd.